The Fire Dragon

On March 20, 1999 this photo was taken of what those present described as a Fire Dragon dancing with us in the fire.  The photo was shot by photographer Gabe Farkas with an Olympus IS-10 35mm camera set at 125th of a second using a built in flash.  What you are actually seeing is freeze frame photograph of a whirling energy form which resembles, in an uncanny way, many of the artistic renderings of Fire Dragons. 

 The Fire Dragon has visited us many times.  It first revealed itself to our F.I.R.E. Master J. Maisel in Floral City, Florida when an ABC television crew captured it on video tape while covering one of our Firewalks at Gail Baiman's Universal Remembrance University. 

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Photo by Gabe Farkas

Photo by David Thomason

Fire Tender and his sonF.I.R.E. Master J. MaiselFirewalking Instructor Shannon Maisel
Photo by Gabe FarkasPhoto by Gabe FarkasPhoto by David Thomason
Fire Goddess Justus Standing in the Fire
 with Our Dragon
On The White Hot Coals
White Hot Father and Son.jpg (192731 bytes)
Firewalking Instructor Anné Gamache and J. MaiselA Forty Foot Fire AblazeWhite Hot father and son
Preparing The Wood.jpg (171785 bytes)John.jpg (61103 bytes)
Building the fireLets just hang around!

The Fire is always our teacher.  When we learn this lesson and live our lives in harmony with all the elemental forces and nature, then we find true peace and power within ourselves.  And when anyone finds true peace and power within themselves they have no need to prove how powerful they are to anyone else.  This is a simple, yet profound truth.  
J. Maisel

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