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J. Maisel Events has been providing corporate training internationally since 1991. It would be an honor to add your group to our list of satisfied clients.
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Pier 1 Vice President

Carey Turner, Vice President of Marketing at Pier 1 Imports, is pictured as he safely crosses the 1200 degree coals at the Forth Worth Stockyards recreational facility. This seminar was presented to honor his sales associates who had "over achieved" and reached goals well beyond projections. Carey promised that if his sales associates reached these lofty goals he work walk on fire.

Not only was this an extremely successful event Pier 1 created an incredible training video demonstrating what is possible when their sales associates set goals and stick to them. This video provided a long term payoff on their seminar investment that could be used to train future sales associates for many years. The Firewalk Seminar provides outstanding measurable results for our clients.

Spencer Company 
Whether in the casual outdoor atmosphere of our training facility conveniently located just outside of Houston in Friendswood, or in the confines of major hotels, resorts, or golf clubs J. Maisel Events has provided experiential seminars exactly as contracted with our clients.

The Eagle Heart Training Center in Friendswood comfortably accommodates groups up to 50 people. More details about our training facility can be found by clicking here.

The Firewalk Experience
While the Firewalking Experience is one of our most requested personal empowerment activities we are capable of creating specific seminars based upon your needs. We have provided many topics including Personal Empowerment, Embracing Change in the Marketplace and Workplace, the Hour of Power seminar dealing with the most effective uses of time management,  Expanding Creative Problem Solving, Focus and much more. Our latest seminar addresses the topic of Embracing Success through Diversity.

Trust Fall Experience
Many times it is difficult for supervisors to totally trust in their team. The Trust Fall experience is frequently a "breakthrough"  exercise that has lasting results. It is particularly effective in companies which have diversity issues, whether caused by language barriers or socio-economic differences. In this experience supervisory personnel must totally rely upon the support staff. Also this exercise has been used very successfully for groups with language barriers.

Trust Fall Experience
John Maisel is very comfortable working with interpreters. He has provided his experiential seminars for many foreign language audiences from Mexico, Central America, South America, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Italy, Indonesia, China, Borneo, Moorea, Australia, Puerto Rico, Monaco, Finland, Poland, Germany, Singapore, and many other countries. 

Experiential education transcends borders and languages! Tell them and they may retain 10%, then show them and they may retain another 20%, finally let them experience the lesson fully and they retain the information for a lifetime. Experiential education works!

Trust Fall Experience
Pictured is Gregory Spencer of the Spencer Company in Houston, Texas as he is about to let go and have his management team support him in the Trust Fall exercise. Not only does the individual who is being caught have an empowering experience, but also those who support the fall receive empowerment by experiencing their personal power. Thus a tremendous sense of teamwork is established among all participants. And from this sense of teamwork a new basis for cooperation can be established among team members.

Self Esteem Exercise
There are times in an individuals life where just the simple exercise of receiving a standing ovation can make a difference. A standing ovation "just for being part of the team" can make a huge difference for the commitment of new team members.

Maisel Events provides many simple self esteem exercises that focus upon listening skills, boundaries, and the power of diversity. These exercises are proven and provide lasting results. With smaller groups every team member receives a standing ovation and they are encouraged to learn how to receive support and acknowledgement.

The Samurai Exercise
One of the most powerful training disciplines experienced by man was the training of the Samurai. The powerful warriors lived their lives by a code of honor with focus on the highest goals. These great warriors, when not in combat, were responsible for the well being of the women and children. They were poets, writers, and scholars. This was also true of many Native American tribes.

The Samurai exercise teaches a very complex set of movements in a condensed period of time. The purpose of this exercise is  demonstrating to participants that even great challenges can be overcome when they focus upon one part at a time. This is one of our most requested exercises.

The Samurai Exercise
Learning can be fun!  The Samurai exercise emphasizes the importance of paying attention and how each pair of participants generate their own unique energy. This teaches that we can expect different results from the pairing of various team members and thus shame is not a necessary component of the daily work experience.

Some pairs excel while the same two individuals paired with other partners may not work well together at all. Supervisors can learn from this exercise how to successfully assign team structure. 

Eagle Heart Food Service
At our Eagle Heart Training Center in Friendswood, just 30 minutes away from nearby Houston Hobby airport, we access to some of Houston's finest caterers. Fine Texas barbecue, traditional Tex-Mex Mexican Food, Health Food, Cajun Food, and the Houston area's finest seafood catering company are all only minutes away.

Complete planning and implementation of services is available for a nominal fee.  The Eagle Heart Center for Personal Development and Success can easily accommodate up to 40 participants inside and with our outdoor tent...up to 100 individuals.  The Kemah Boardwalk dining and recreational center is just 30 minutes from our doorstep.

Eagle Heart Facilities
Our Eagle Heart Center is located between two of Friendswood's most famous city parks. The Center is surrounded on three sides by Cowards Creek. This is ironic since virtually all of our guests come to face and release their "fear" in one form or another.
When visiting Eagle Heart Center you have access to a beautiful creek side nature trail, half mile professional jogging track, tennis courts, basketball courts, pavilion, volley ball courts and nearby outstanding golf courses.

A seminar room with two break out rooms is available for groups up to fourty individuals. Tents can be provided on site for larger groups. Ample parking is available and transportation from the airport can be arranged. There are many comfortable hotels nearby.

The Touching Exercise
The "Touching Exercise" is a simple exercise that is always done with the permission of each participant and under close supervision. In today's society many people suffer from "touch deprivation". During the exercise each participant is asked to close their eyes with their arms at their side and to let their team members support them as they are gently passed in a circular fashion around the group. Fun and appropriate intimacy are experienced. 

Powerful subliminal lessons are always learned and many times personal barriers are dissolved thus allowing team members to participate in team goals more fully by learning how to trust one another at deeper levels.

Time for a break!  The "ice water" balloon toss is always a stress releaser. Before or after a meal break this long time favorite is enjoyed by all present, especially during the spring, summer, and autumn. Hula hoops, soccer balls, and other recreational stress relievers are available.

The beauty of our Eagle Heart Center is that we have temperate weather almost year round. With the exception of a few weeks in the summer and winter, temperatures are ideal and rainfall infrequent. 

The Heroic Exercise
A light hearted seminar based upon the theme of the hero and the princess. This seminar keeps participants laughing and learning. Great for convention groups it is our number 1 team building seminar. Everyone leaves energized and ready to take their lessons back to the workplace and home. No one sleeps through this seminar!

Perfect for groups into the hundreds.  Memorable and definitely an opportunity for photographic memories.

Board Breaking Exercise
Pictured are our Hero (ine) and Princess celebrating as one of the participants successfully breaks through a one inch thick solid wood board. The Board breaking experience is another metaphor for realizing personal power. It is one thing to break a board with brute force, but quite another to break the board through an act of will. There are times that the boards break before they are even touched.

Building the Fire
The Firewalk Seminar is an entire experience of team work. Each participant learns what the power of their collective intention can produce...an "ICE COLD FIRE". These participants go away with the attitude if they can have influence over their relationship with Fire...what else could they do as a group. They learn that they are powerful and virtually any goal that they establish is possible when they know where they are, know where they are going, have a plan, follow their plan one step at a time and expect the best.

Stoking the Fire
The Firewalk seminar teaches the power of group and personal energy. The Firewalk has been experienced world wide by many Fortune 500 companies. We have been serving the REMAX real estate group for over ten years. They are now #1 in their industry!  

Millions of dynamic individuals worldwide have used the Firewalking metaphor as a catalyst for success. Corporate teams, Olympic teams, and now the U.S. Military will soon be employing the Firewalk as a teaching metaphor.

Lighting the Fire
The Firewalk is experience is powerful. Some clients choose to use other of our teaching metaphors before building up to the Firewalk. Using the Firewalk as a conclusion to a series of preliminary events.

John Maisel has served as a resource for CBS Television, ABC Television, PBS Television, and MTV Television. He has helped such national and local television personalities as Geraldo Rivera (CBC), Debra Duncan (CBS), Don Nelson (ABC), Bill Murphy (ABC), Jonathon Walton (CBS) safely walk across the red hot coals before millions of viewers.

The Firewalk Begins
Standing in front of a 1200 to 1800 degree fire brings up tremendous emotional energy for Firewalking seminar participants. Especially when they are determining whether or not they are going to attempt crossing the coals later that evening. This experience confronts their most primal fears. Our first lesson as very small members of society is that Fire always burns...this is a core belief.

Entire realities are built around such core beliefs. When these beliefs are dissolved by contradictory experience the mind begins to base its decision making processes upon other criteria. And frequently when the Firewalking seminar is properly presented those criteria are no longer "fear based."  A whole new world of possibility opens itself.

John Maisel, F.I.R.E. Master and    N.S.A. Professional Speaker

John Maisel has served as Master of Ceremonies at the annual Fifty Club Law Enforcement Awards Banquet for many years.  He has also served as president of the organization and has served on its board of directors for over twenty years.  John has worked many years with law enforcement and the local school district raising funds and establishing programs to prevent drug and alcohol abuse among his community's youth.  The Fifty Club provides substantial funds for the families of law enforcement officers injured or killed in the line of duty. 

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